Drag defense

A Drag Queen Christmas

Drag Defense Press Release

23 December 2022, North Charleston

As an organization, Organize Against Transphobia remains vigilant against any attacks on queerness, whether they come from the State House or on the ground. Right-wing terrorists have organized to protest “A Drag Queen Christmas” at the show's North Charleston stop this Friday, December 23rd. In response, OAT, several partner organizations, and other members of the community organized a counter-protest to defend both performers and attendees of this event. This community defense action will go forward despite the freezing weather.

Earlier this month, another tour stop of this same drag show made national headlines when Right-wing militias threatened the event by openly carrying rifles outside of the venue. The local community responded with their own armed protest, outnumbering the opposition nearly 4 to 1. In solidarity both with performers, artists, and the brave counter-protestors of San Antonio, OAT plans to similarly outnumber the anti-queer fascists in Charleston.

This fight will not be an easy one. Besides expected opposition from christo-fascists and the typical uselessness of the North Charleston Police Department, winter storm Elliot will bring temperatures down dramatically. For this reason, we encourage anyone attending this event to wear multiple layers, bring plenty of food for themselves, and have a plan to leave quickly in the event of hypothermia. 

As an organization, OAT is committed to defending queer joy and celebration. Irrespective of the weather, hot or cold, we will be there. No matter if the threat comes from South Carolina senators, errant school boards, or armed extremists, we will be there.

We go where they go.


Organize Against Transphobia