Loomer USC Counterprotest

Loomer USC 

Counterprotest After-Action

Loomer Counterprotest After-Action Report

19th April 2023

On April 18th at 8pm, Laura Loomer, a self-proclaimed white supremacist and “proud Islamophobe,” came to speak on the USC campus under the false pretext of free speech. OAT members and USC students rallied against her false narratives and bigotry

OAT publicly declared our intent to protest as an expression of our values and those of our student comrades. We conducted our protest peacefully, and in full adherence with USC’s carolinian code values. We strongly condemn any and all attempts to label this event as “violent,” and find it telling that no proof of this violence, video or otherwise, has been brought forward. 

OAT’s commitment to anti-facism remains strong, and we consider the protest to have been a complete success. Loomer’s event was delayed by over 40 minutes due to their being unprepared for resistance. Loomer’s message was further reduced by our chants and cries of solidarity with oppressed communities everywhere. By the end of the night, Loomer was showing her true nature as a fascist, denying the ongoing genocide in Palestine, calling for race-based immigration bans, and advocating for stripping legal protection and recognition of the Islamic religion. 

Regardless of the lies conservatives tell or the resources and funds they bring to bear, speakers who spout fascist talking points will never be welcome at USC, and OAT will always be there to oppose them.