Oklahoma Solidarity 

Oklahoma Bill SB129

Oklahoma Solidarity Press Release

08 January 2023

As members of the international queer community, Organize Against Transphobia remains vigilant against all legislation that threatens the safety of trans people. Our members are appalled to hear of recently-filed legislation in Oklahoma that represents the most egregious restrictions on trans identity and wellbeing in the country.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 129 (SB.129) would criminalize gender-affirming healthcare for anyone under the age of 26. Doctors who provided care for that age range could be charged with a felony and subject to a fine of $1,000 or two years in prison. This bill is even more extreme than hate bills within our own state of South Carolina, and would endanger even more trans people and medical practitioners. Once one state proposes a new age limit, other states race to replicate these bills within their own borders.

More and more, trans and queer individuals have found themselves as the target of right-wing bullies who are more interested in creating scapegoats than fixing the real problems of their constituencies. Bills like SB.129 do not solve any problems the public is facing, they are cruel pieces of legislation designed with one goal in mind: the total elimination of trans and queer individuals from the public sphere.

Organize Against Transphobia condemns Oklahoma SB.129 and stands in solidarity with the queer community of Oklahoma.